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World Food Day on Oct. 16th

- "United against Hunger"

Donate As Many Cans As You Can (that's full food cans)!
Amma Ireland has joined  with the Crosscare Food Bank and artist
Patrick O’Reilly to build a sculpture out of donated food cans – full
of course! - at Amma's forthcoming visit to Dublin.  When Amma's
programme is over, the cans donated by you and people like you will bedistributed to those in need in Ireland, through Crosscare Food Bank.
UN World Food Day is Sat 16th Oct, coinciding with Amma's visit to
Ireland. Amma has long called for food poverty to be addressed
worldwide and in our own communities, so we are marking the day to
raise awareness and to do something practical to share food with all
who need it.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, there are now 1
billion hungry people in the world, 30 million in Europe. That is a
staggering figure. The theme of World Food Day this year  is “United
against Hunger” -  the only way to combat food poverty is to work

Help us spread the word and collect 5000 cans for the Can Sculpture!
This is a simple way to show you believe it is wrong for so many
people to go hungry; it may be a small step, but it's a step in the
right direction.

Collect as many cans as you can - full food cans, remember! - from
family, friends and workmates, and bring all cans along to Amma's
event at the National Show Centre near Dublin Airport on Sat Oct 16th
or Sun 17th. They'll become part of Patrick O'Reilly's Food Can
Sculpture, being made during the event, and will find their way to
people in need afterwards, thanks to Crosscare Food Bank.
Many thanks for your contribution - every can counts! For more info,
contact us at

Artist Patrick O'Reilly recently created a 25-foot tower – Babel - as
a  centre piece for the Galway Arts festival. O’Reilly is hoping to
build a Cathedral Structure from the donated cans, specifically
designed so he can add to it as more and more people donate their cans of food.

AMMA Ireland are joined in this project by the Crosscare Food Bank
which supports over 50 charities who are working with people that
experience food poverty on a daily basis.  Last year it received over
500 tonnes of food and grocery products from the food industry that
otherwise would be dumped.  The Food Bank is part of the European
Federation of Food Banks which collected 328,000 tonnes of food in
2009, worth over €720 million  and distributed them to 4.7 million

World Food Day

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