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Brahmacharis' Tour

Brahmachari Shubamrita Chaitanya, one of Amma's closest disciples and her personal Translator visits Ireland each year.

Shubamrita was born in South India, grew up in Bombay and graduated
in chemistry and biology. After meeting Amma in 1987 he went to
live in her ashram, and in 1996, he was initiated by Amma as a monastic. For years, Shubamrita edited the ashram's official journal, Matruvani. A gifted singer and musician, he is also the author of many of the beautiful songs Amma sings.

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An introduction to Br. Shubamrita

"Happiness is a Decision" - Br. Shubamrita's Talk

Happiness Is A Decision ... Br shubamrita. from Amma Ireland on Vimeo.

Br. Shubamrita's Talk 2013

Brahmachari Shubamrita Chaitanya's tour in 2013. from Amma Ireland on Vimeo.

Brahmachari Shubamrita with Amma

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