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Amma´s visit to Dublin November 2004

Amma´s visit was a dream come true for her Irish supporters who had been inviting her for over ten years. On Saturday 13th the Industries Hall at the RDS opened its doors to an already waiting crowd. Soon the hall was vibrating with spiritual chants and the aroma of Indian vegetarian cuisine. Amma´s presence opened the hearts and minds of everyone who stepped into the hall. "I am short of words to describe the incredible experience that I had during Amma's visit to Ireland. It was full of beauty, grace, miracles and peace," a visitor from England said.

The stream of people who came to see her seemed unending. An estimated 15,000 people turned up over the two days, queuing patiently for hours to get a blessing in the form of Amma´s famous hug. Young and old, families, religious and political figures, entertainers, all came to welcome this living Saint to our land of " Saints and Scholars".

When Amma left the Hall at 9.30am on Monday morning after receiving a still waiting crowd one by one into her arms through- out the night, she described the heart of the Irish people as a beautiful fragrant flower. She felt as if she had been coming here for years, such was the welcome and the readiness of the people to embrace her simple, authentic message.

"Getting Darshan from Amma is so expansive that she takes me, her child, into another realm where there is only pureness and divine unconditional love. Where anything is possible that is for the highest good of all. Where nothing can hold me back or put me down. Where an incredible softness becomes me. Where a gentleness enfolds me. Where wisdom is accessible through trust. Where innocence of trust lives and pours through me. A deep yearning inside had come to an end. Something new was in its place. Something more beautiful and fulfilling than I had ever known before. This is a human account of a spiritual experience."
- Dawn from Galway

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