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GreenFriends™ Ireland

"Only through love and compassion is the protection and preservation of Nature possible" -- Amma

GreenFriends™ is Amma's initiative to help us reawaken the awareness of our unity with all of creation and to cultivate an attitude of love and reverence for Mother Nature.

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Amma's Teachings, Lessons from Mother Nature

"Everything is pervaded by Consciousness. It is that Consciousness which sustains the world and all the creatures in it. To worship everything, seeing God in all, is what religion advises. Such an attitude teaches us to love Nature. None of us would consciously injure our own body, because we know it would be painful. Similarly, we will feel the pain of other people to be our own when the realisation dawns within us that everything is pervaded by one and the same Consciousness. Compassion will arise, and we will sincerely wish to help and protect all. In that state, we won't feel like plucking even a leaf unnecessarily. We will pick a flower only on the last day of its existence, before it falls from the stem. We will consider it as very harmful to the plant, and to Nature, if the flower is plucked on its very first day due to our greediness.

Looking at Nature and observing its selfless way of giving, we can become aware of our own limitations. That will help to develop devotion and self-surrender to God. Thus, Nature helps us to become closer to God and teaches us to truly worship Him. In reality, Nature is nothing but God's visible form which we can behold and experience through our senses. Indeed, by loving and serving Nature, we are worshipping God Himself.

Just as Nature creates the favourable circumstances for a coconut to become a coconut tree, and for a seed to transform itself into a huge fruit tree, Nature creates the necessary circumstances through which the individual soul can reach the Supreme Being and merge in eternal union with Him. A sincere Truth seeker, or a true believer, cannot harm Nature because he or she sees Nature as God - he doesn't experience Nature as being separate from himself. He is the real lover of Nature." - Amma

Other GreenFriends™ initiatives inspired by Amma's Teachings:

  • Grow a Tulasi (Holy Basil) plant or any other plant or tree that you feel to be sacred. Each morning when watering the plant, offer your love and gratitude to Mother Nature.
  • Plant nine or more trees every year and lovingly care for them. Encourage children to participate as well.
  • Make an inner resolve not to take more than is necessary from Mother Nature, and not to unduly destroy anything in Nature, by simple acts such as not wasting food, car-pooling, recycling, conserving water, etc.
  • Devote some time each day to connecting inwardly with Mother Nature. This may be through introspective activities in Nature, such as meditating, praying, singing, or silent walks. "If we find harmony within ourselves, that harmony will benefit Nature and be reflected throughout Creation."

Woodlands Projects 


Amma has observed that earlier in our history, there was no specific need for environmental preservation efforts because humanity saw divinity expressed through nature, and therefore treated the natural world with reverence and respect. Our efforts in environmental preservation are grounded in the idea that while caring for nature is in our own best interest, it is also the right thing to do.

GreenFriends Ireland Woodlands + Nature Reserves

We work together to create and care for new native woodlands and where appropriate nature reserves, thus giving the land a chance to return to harmony with itself, and becomes a space bursting with interconnected life. 

Join Tree Planting on Sunday 21st Jan 10am at Hollywood, Co. Wicklow 

Are you free Sunday to be part of planting Luggass Nature Reserve, Hollywood Co Wicklow?

If so 200 native Irish trees are waiting for you to find their new home for generations to come. Planting trees is such a beautiful way to give back to Mother Earth and helps us be the change we wish to see in the world. Some rain is forecast so bring some waterproof cloths. Bring a packed lunch and tools (Shovel, secateurs) if you can. We begin at 10 but if you can come help for any length of time on Sunday we and the trees would be delighted to see you.

"Greenfriends looking for volunteers to help planting trees and raising funds for future tree planting. Donations for Tree Projects can be made online through PayPal or cheques to Treasurer stating for AmmaIreland (tree project)"

This year we aim to plant another 200 Native Trees in the Luggass Nature reserve in Hollywood.
Trees such as Oak, Elm, Hazel, Alder, Birch, Rowan with some Wild Cherry and Hawthorn. This range of specie will maximize the potential for ecology. We want to work together to help put up a fence and remove some Gorse (Furze). 

In March 2017 in association with the National Tree Council of Ireland, Green Friends volunteers planted 250 trees in Luggass, Hollywood, Co. Wicklow. These trees form the beginning of a modest nature reserve. The Land Owner of the site is a pioneer of actions to protect the Earth, including forming the Dublin Food Co-op with other members in 1991. His vision for the land include creation of a living seed-bank of perennial organic vegetables and GreenFriends are delighted to collaborate in development of sustainable harmonious and far sighted projects such as these. 

Directions: Click here for Google Map -

On N81 Go to Hollywood, out R756 towards Glendalough and the Wicklow Gap. The turn off to the site is about ten minutes down the road to the right and there will be signs. Phone Loraine 085 7490524, or Paddy 089 9593147

Hollywood, Co. Wicklow at 10am on Sunday the 21st Jan 2017, 10am

This planting will add to the beautiful existing planted natural lands in Wicklow. No experience necessary and you will be guided. Don't forget to bring in tools (if you have them), warm waterproof clothes and vegetarian food to share. 

Tree Planting Hollywood

Tree vouchers can be bought for 5 euro. They make very beautiful and meaningful gifts.

Tree Voucher

More Details at GreenFriends blog - Click Here

Ways to get involved:
  • Donate. 100% of your donation goes to the creation of woodlands and nature reserves. 
  • Volunteer. GreenFriends is fully run by volunteers. email with woodlands in the subject bar. Amma has a request for each and every person on this planet  to play their part in restoring harmony to nature.

Completed Projects 

  • Corofin, Co. Clare, The first GreenFriends Woodland: over five hundred trees have been planted and cared for since 2010. 
  • Meelin, Co. Cork. In March 2016 volunteers donated trees and made the journey to Meelin to plant 500 native Irish trees. The woodland is currently emerging as a beautiful habitat with trees and a naturally occurring wildflower meadow, supporting an abundance of insect and bird life.
Proposed Projects for 2016/2017 planting season November to March.
  • Meelin Co. Cork – Phase II Nature reserve and heritage Irish orchard completed on November 2016. 
  • Aught, Co. Donegal. Phase I Nature reserve, existing rare wetland ecosystem to be preserved and celebrated. Completed on 11th Feb 2017. 
  • Dublin, Urban Woodland. Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere. Urban Woodland / Orchard. We hope to work in the public realm, with communities and document with an academic institution the measurable outcomes upon climate and ecology, which tree planting can bring. We are aiming for national tree week, 2017. If you are a community who wishes to plant native trees in your locality, please do get in touch with us.

Starting off your Tree Nursery (would you like to Voluteer?):

When They Have Grown Donate Them To Create Native Woodlands And Nature Reserves.

Start a Tree Nursery was initiated this autumn. Synchronicity was at work, and connections were made at Amma’s recent visit to Ireland.

The idea was launched at the Greenfriends stall at Amma’s program. We distributed acorns to people who would like to help us with setting up a tree nursery. Some had already gathered many acorns themselves, some people lived near some ancient oaks and were inspired to gather acorns themselves, and some had little space, but were exited to make a small tree nursery and got their acorns blessed by Amma.

We made connections with people from all over the country, Sligo, Dublin, Cork, Donegal, and in the Midlands.

We collected the details of the volunteers and in a few years time, the little oaks will be collected and planted in one of the Greenfriends Woodlands or Nature reserves. There were various people that wanted their land to be planted with native trees.

Tree Nursery

The idea of the tree nurseries is that people grow the trees for a few years, and that those trees will be planted after 3 years (or when they are tall enough to compete with the grass), on one of the Geenfriends woodlands or nature reserves.  This way we don’t have to buy as many trees when there is a site for woodlands available.  We will collect the trees and plant them.  This way money, which is all from donations, will be saved and can be spent on other tree planting costs, like tree protection for example.

Acorns are very easy to germinate in an old sandpit, so it doesn’t require a lot of space. The sand keeps them safe from rotting, make sure there is a bit of sand over them to protect them from mice. Then cover them with moist leaves, which keeps them ‘cosy’ during the winter in a natural way. In the spring, they can be transplanted into pots (empty cartons take up less space, don’t forget to perforate some holes for drainage). The roots will easily come out of the sand without being damaged). If you want to start a nursery, just imagine how many pots or cartons you’d like to stash. It doesn’t involve a lot of labor, just a bit of watering when the weather is very dry.

The acorn season seems to be over for this year, but there are still many other seeds available for collecting, such as Ash, Birch, Rowan and Hawthorn. These can be collected during the winter months, although the birds will eat the berries. Be careful that the seeds don’t dry out!

ASH seeds are best collected straight from the tree. They can go directly in cartons /pots with a mixture of soil, mixed with equal parts of sand and peat. You can add a little lime to the mixture.

Rowan and Hawthorn grow well in a peat free mixture of fifty percent compost and fifty percent sand. Firm the ground and add some gravel for the Rowans and some for the sand Hawthorn on top to keep the mice out.

Birch can be collected during a winter walk, pick the catkins. They like peat, keep the seeds moist and cold during the winter.

Quantities If you sow a small amount the seeds are best taken from the berries, and germinate well in a peat free mixture of fifty percent compost or leafmould and fifty percent sand. If you have a large amount you can store them in the mixture above with some sand on top and transferred in pots in February, March.

Greenfriends has several woodlands, nature reserves on the go, in Corofin, Meelin, Donegal, Dublin and more to be confirmed.  Tree planting days for 2016/ 2017 so far are 19th and 20th of November in Meelin and 4th and 5th March in Donegal. Please check out the blog for more details.

If you would like to volunteer with a tree nursery, please get in touch. Greenfriends Ireland has many volunteers coming from all different walkways of life, and have in common that they want to get as many trees in the ground as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to give us your details and how many and what kind of trees you are nursing. please contact or 089 253 6880.
Happy Nursing
GreenFriends Ireland

(By Eveline Hilvering –van Overhagen)

If you have not already done so and you have a tree nursery, please contact or 089 253 6880.

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