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Diary Excerpt 2

Diary Excerpt 2

26 August 2005 –
a western devotee experiences life at the ashram

Sri Krishna Jayanti: Breaking of the pots at Amritapuri
Amritapuri buzzed with activity and excitement as people began to gather around the temple. Some stood on surrounding walls, or looked down from balconies. The sun’s heat was intense until a large cloud blanketed out the sun, as if part of the preparation, and gave cool respite.

In front of the temple stood the colourfully adorned frame from which the pots would be dangled. The steps of the temple were crowded, and soon in every direction people gathered. Little children, dressed as Krishna, played in front of the temple and around Amma’s chair, blowing their flutes as if calling for Amma, and waving their long peacock feathers, amusing the crowd.

In a flurry of drumming, dancing and shouting, a procession arrived and filled the remaining space in front of the temple. Amma came out and gathered the little ‘Krishnas’ around her. The pot breaking began. Young and old leapt up to break the pots, and water was thrown over them as they tried. Amma laughed and clapped as the participants were teased and tricked and the dangling pots escaped them. With a tremendous leap in the air and sweep of the stick the first pot was smashed, and coloured water sprayed out. The crowd roared and clapped.

As the sun slowly went down over the sea, the pot breaking went on until the final pot was broken.

- Radha

Excert from Amma's Krishna Jayanti Message 2005
Just passed midnight
on 27 August 2005 -- Amritapuri

"Ashtami Rohini--the confluence of the star Rohini and the eighth day of the moon--is the day of the birth of Sri Krishna, born to Vasudeva and Devaki in the Dvapara Yuga. Yet he still continues to live in everyone and everything as the all-pervading consciousness that is beyond birth and death. Sri Krishna has to take birth in the womb of love within each of us."

Amma finished with a prayer to the Paramatman - "When we remember the play of Sri Krishna's childhood—like breaking the clay pots filled with butter and milk, and many other things—we should also remember the right attitude that he had towards life and his efficiency in action.
May everyone be filled with the strength and the wherewithal to follow in the footsteps of Sri Krishna."

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Amma looks on

The students break the pots!
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