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Highlight of Fundraising Events for 2009

Sacred Croagh Patrick Mountain

One of the Highlights of our Fundraising Events for 2009 Amma Ireland Sponsored Croagh Patrick Mountain Climb

Croagh Patrick, near Westport, Co. Mayo, has long been a sacred mountain and a place of pilgrimage for Irish people. Many of us have at one time or another joined the traditional pilgrimage which climbs to the summit each year in July.

Following the success of the Amma Ireland sponsored climb last year, the event has now become an annual highlight of our fundraising efforts and in early May this year, a group of intrepid climbers set off up the mountain once again....

Event Target €15,000 surpassed again this year!

.... and once again, the climbers have raised more than the target amount they set themselves: congratulations to one and all, this is really inspiring! It was a wonderful day of fun, spiritual reflection and companionship, and the funds raised will go to help alleviate suffering through many branches of Amma’s charities, such as health care and education to combat child prostitution, free housing, suicide prevention and other measures to combat the results of extreme poverty.

Mike, joining the climb for the second time said, “We had a great day, we got to raise money for Amma’s charities, meet nice people and spend time together. Also, it was a great workout, the views were beautiful and there was a good sense of achievement on reaching the top”.

Ralph - at 9 nine years old our youngest climber, though already a veteran as he joined the climb in 2008 as well - said, “It was good fun and exercise, and it was very easy!!!" Not everyone may have found the climb as easy as Ralph, but everyone agrees it was good fun and well worth the effort!
If you'd like to join the climb next year, or get more info on how you can participate in other efforts to support the alleviation of suffering, contact

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