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Amma's 60th Birthday Celebrations -Amritavarsham 60

60 Years of Transforming the World

Let us all commit to celebrate our beloved Amma’s 60th Birthday by renewing our commitment to our spiritual practices such as Satsang, Meditation, Singing Bhajans and performing acts of selfless service (Seva). We warmly invite volunteers to participate and help out in the activities mentioned below. In this way, we can truly celebrate Amma’s Birthday and thank her for her boundless compassion and love and for the countless blessings she has so graciously bestowed on us.

Amritavarsham 60

Dublin: Birthday Celebrations

Open Satsang
We will be celebrating Amma's 60th Birthday by launching an Open Satsang in the Lantern Centre. Click here for more details.

Weeds Removal at Blessington Park, Dublin
To mark Amma's 60th birthday and to spread her message of love, compassion and selfless service, we are undertaking a project at the Dublin City Council Park, Blessington Street, Dublin. Click here for more details.

Amma Ireland participates in The Lantern Interfaith Centre Open Cultural Evening
The Lantern Interfaith Centre ( is having an Open Cultural evening on September 20th at 7pm. There will be displays and demonstrations and information will be available on the various groups and ethnic cultures that use the Centre. Amma Ireland use the centre,for IAM meditation, Satsangs, and the Dublin Bhajan Singers monthly gathering for devotional singing,prayer and meditation. Click here for more details.

Cork: Birthday Celebrations

Amma's 60th Birthday Project with Simon Community - Cork, Ireland Click here for more details.


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